About Tool

OMT: Ontology Matching Tool

How does it work?

OMT tool works by accepting two input ontologies with the purpose of matching them into a resulting one.

String comparison techniques and Language based techniques are used to compare every object in both ontologies.

Before starting you should know...

The OMT tool makes use of specific properties that ontology objects can have, therefore the presence of these properties can improve drastically the results produced by the OMT tool.

Concepts that only have an IRI defined will not be considered for the purpose of matching.

Object Properties that do not have both a Domain and Range property will not be considered for the purpose of matching.

It is advisable that all objects have a Label property associated.

Input form

An ontology format will be asked when uploading ontologies. Since there are 2 different OWL syntaxes, the owl/xml or the rdf/xml are to be chosen accordingly.

The threshold will be the number that will determine how similar two objects have to be in order to be considered matched by the OMT tool.